Yahoo To Change Home Page. 7 Years too Late?

When I worked at Yahoo there were a hundreds of smart people (yours truly excluded from that of course).  It was an inspiring to say the least; I am sure very similar to the halls of Facebook right now.  I can vividly remember a meeting where a few of these smart people were discussing opening up My Yahoo to the world via the API and allowing what they called as Widgets to be built.  Would you be surprised if I told you that the year was 2001.

After one of these smart people explained to me what they were talking about, it seemed like a “no-brainer” to me.  I couldn’t wait for us to do this.  However, there was another contingent of people that put together some doomsday scenarios if Yahoo were to be this aggressive.

Well, as we all know, Facebook implemented this radical idea when they opened up their API for Facebook Applications.  Since then everyone else has followed, from Apple (iPhone) to Google (iGoogle).  And, now it seems like Yahoo is set to follow, when all along, they could have been the leader.

There is a great article from ReadWriteWeb about the Yahoo Changes



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