Underwater Tweets

My fiancee was getting her SCUBA certification down in Florida and I thought it would be very cool if she was able to text me, tweet or update her Facebook status while underwater!  This would even have a practical application if something were to go wrong or you were to get lost while SCUBA diving you could text for help.  I did a search for waterproof cell phones, but the results only turned up waterproof cordless phones or cases that protected your regular cell phone.

Facebook Status Updates and Tweets from Underwater?

Facebook Status Updates and Tweets from Underwater?

Obviously the cell phone manufacturer’s haven’t put too much emphasis on an underwater feature – “Hey you sound like you are underwater…that’s because I am underwater!!”  However, with the ubiquity of text messaging the reality of this is not far behind.  Future Facebook Status: Kimberly is hiding on the ocean floor until the 12 foot hammerhead shark passes thru – please see photo in my mobile uploads.   Don’t laugh know, otherwise you will be “all wet” when this happens.


One response to “Underwater Tweets

  1. Erik, w e have done that — the underwater twitting session 🙂

    Here is the news:

    TechCrunch published an article about the event.

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