Facebook Reaches 175 Million – According to Facebook

Facebook Touts 175 Million Users

Facebook Touts 175 Million Users

I thought it of interest that Facebook via their own online advertising is touting 175 million active users.  We will have to find out the definition of active, but most likely it is people that have used the service within the month.  This is important, as historically some companies have a huge number that counts everyone that has ever signed up, rather than those that are actually worth anything. 

It’s amazing how this company is exploding.  I just returned from Thailand and a girl I ran into there has always used Hi5 which is the major player in Thailand (also based out of California).  For the past two weeks she has been using Facebook, because she says it allows here to do much more “stuff” and much faster.  Keep in mind that Facebook is not in Thai!  Her English is limited so she does phonetic work arounds  in English as do all of her Thai friends.  This is amazing; imagine what will happen when Facebook is in Thai.  It is a credit to how robust the Facebook platform is.  Keep in mind that for many languages Facebook has put up a Wiki and allowed the users to adjust it within weeks!  Facebook is probably programming the unique characters of Thai (looks similar to Arabic).   I for one was floored by this girl, because I know she is not alone.


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