Facebook Username & Facebook URL Insights and Results

Hooray!  The Facebook username servers didn’t crash (www.facebook.com/username).  Also the countdown clock was genius and it wenimagest live right on time – a very California friendly time (12:01 EST).  Below are my quick learnings:

  1. It was obvious that some Facebook URLs are being held by Facebook like /chocolate, /beer, /travel, etc.  The reason that I say this that if you type in http://www.facebook.com/travel no fan pages show up.
  2. Your new Facebook username went live instantly.
  3. You can’t ever change your Facebook username, so hopefully nobody had any typos out there!
  4. Surprised that they allowed users and not Facebook fan pages to get such keyword rich terms as /whiskey and /studenttravel…my bet is these are turned over to fan pages at a later date – not via user transfer (not allowed by Facebook) but by Facebook playing Supreme Court and moving them over themselves.  Money talks.
  5. If your fan page didn’t have 1,000 users by May 30 you couldn’t secure a Facebook URL.  Hence, You have the fun of coming back on Sunday, June 28.  This seemed odd that a user with only one friend could secure a great url while companies were left in the dark a bit.
  6. I had pretty good luck getting /equalman, /collegetravel, /VEDay, /educational.tours
  7. They need to figure out a way to allow or at least block items.  For example if Shaquille O’Neal secured /shaq then some other bozo could get /shaquille.oneal and another /shquilleoneal
  8. It was fun IMing with friends – on Facebook of course – as the time deadline approached
  9. All and all it was pretty fun, because it was different and mainly because I have no life at midnight on a Friday.

3 responses to “Facebook Username & Facebook URL Insights and Results

  1. Thank you for sharing this information about Facebook URL’s. I could not get my name even though I tried repeatedly the first few days. Same for my husband. Not any version of our name in any way! I ended up using my blog site name Living in Courage Online.
    I know many people had the same problem. Congrats on getting yours!

    • Glad that you found it helpful – sorry that you were having so much trouble, but as you say, you weren’t alone!

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