What is Socialnomics?

Socialnomics will be in book stores August 26, 2009

Socialnomics will be in book stores August 26, 2009

Following a recent speech I gave, an audience member had a great question. “If Socialnomics was in Webster’s Dictionary, what would it say?

Depending on if it were user generated content or not it would most likely state:  The ability of social media to generate exponential returns for individuals and businesses. A subset of this is that in the future we will no longer search for products and services, rather they will find us via social media.

Those returns could vary for business from leads, sales, brand awareness, customer service.  For people the returns can be that more of your friends know you are in New York, staying connected with friends, getting product & service info from friends, promoting your new song,  engaging in two-way dialogues with companies, keeping abreast of the latest trends, etc.


3 responses to “What is Socialnomics?

  1. when will this be out and available?

  2. It seems as though this thing…. “social media” is compelling, bewildering, transitioning and stabilizing all at the same time. As a novice, neophyte and ingénue (pardon any chauvinistic intimation) I see only one way to approach this; what ever way you choose. With only days into this journey I see no real end in sight, no discernable references, and no way back. Something like being dropped out of a helicopter in the middle of a great body of water and knowing that land is everywhere, but nowhere in sight.

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