Jewish Targeting on Facebook

Today, MediaPost’s David Berkowitz, has an irreverant look at Facebook bombarding him with Jewish advertising: socialnomics-book-cover-3d-spineOy! Facebook’s Jewdar Returns .  Some ads Berkowitz receives from Mayor Bloomberg are even in Hebrew.

It’s interesting for me to see that Facebook is trying and learning from error that cobbling together certain relationships (if I’m a fan of the Yankees Page and also live in New York then I must be a Yankees fan).  As Berkowitz acutely points out is that isn’t always the case.  While I applaud Facebook with being aggressive they should stick to what already sets them apart – the data that they do have absolute certainty about.  Specifically when I got engaged it made sense to receive targeted advertising around flowers, wedding planners, etc.  Or knowing that I’m an Alma Mater of Michigan State University and the University of Texas, I do enjoy being alerted of new jackets and golf shirts for these schools.  Once Facebook masters this then they should start branching out, but until then it can leave a bad taste in people’s mouth as Berkowitz has found out first hand.


4 responses to “Jewish Targeting on Facebook

  1. interesting food for thought

  2. I never understand this kind of targeting. Even though sometimes they get it right when they target me. I always find myself thinking, how would people react if they were using the same methodologies to target black audiences, or Asian or Hispanic. Where is that elusive line that separates good target marketing from racial profiling?

    • Great call on one being “savvy” and the other being “racist.” A lot of rules are being defined in social media right now.

  3. Thanks for sharing this here. I also found it really useful when I was engaged, and some of the targeting’s spot on. For me though, I’m more offended that Bloomberg’s showing me Staten Island ads on Facebook.

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