Social Media Statistics Video

Push play to see “Social Media Revolution” video that quickly displays relevant social media statistics and comparisons to other industries for context.

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2 responses to “Social Media Statistics Video

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering where I could find the source data for the above amazing video. I’m a student working on his thesis (based on technology and culture), and there are some great stats I’d like to use! Can anyone please send me a link to the source data to

    All the Best!

    – James

  2. Social websites are the new tool to meet people. Unfortunately, it is a paradox as it can help keep people locked in their own houses as well and seeking only the social interaction these sites provide. NOBODY goes out to meet anybody and if you suggest meeting to somebody you met online, a lot of the time the response is “Oh, you move fast, I like to chat a while and get to know somebody before I meet them.” Then the question is; how long do you chat for? My god people, what did our parents do before computers? THEY WENT OUT AND MET PEOPLE AND SPOKE FACE TO FACE!

    Welcome to the inside-society.

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