New “Shift Happens (Did You Know?)” video shows the “shift” is to social media

Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod are globally recognized and applauded for their “Shift Happens (Did You Know?)” video series.  An updated 4.0 version was released on September 14, 2009 (see video below).  I’m a big fan of these videos and this latest one has some great graphical treatments (XPLANE) and as we’ve come to expect,  some very salient information.  Some interesting information about the video can be found at The Fischbowl.

The most intriguing item to me with this latest release is the amount of time/content devoted to social media.  In the February 08, 2007 version of “Shift Happens,” which has received over 4.8 million views, a mere 20 seconds of the 6:06 was devoted to mentions of social media, or roughly 5.5% of the content.  Whereas this latest version dedicates roughly 29.4% of the air time to Social Media (75 seconds of the 4:15 video – note the last 30 seconds are credits so I removed from the baseline).  So we have gone from 5.5% of social media content to 29.4% of social media content for one of YouTube’s most popular technology videos.  The new video covers such things as Dell selling $3 million dollars worth of computers on Twitter to Wikipedia being in 200 countries.  So, yes my friends, shift does happen (thanks Karl!).

Many have asked for the data and video of Social Media Revolution so I have posted again below:

Data for this video can be found on this post: Statistics Show Social Media Is Bigger Than You Think

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10 responses to “New “Shift Happens (Did You Know?)” video shows the “shift” is to social media

  1. Thanks for the video. It is a simple way to understand the importance and influence social media has in our culture. Used this video as a tool to help prove to a client the importance of social media.

    Thanks again.

  2. This is awesome information. Since I saw this I thought that I would be cool to let people know about this. That’s why I’ve made a remake of your video in spanish. Hope you like it , and find it usefull. I’ve tried to use the same animations and styles.

    equalman… you’re awesome!

  3. Thanks for the great video. I’d love to know how you put it together… I’m guessing Keynote and Final Cut…

    I’ve shown it to a few educators, and also used it in my talk at the Scottish Learning Festival which has just finished. It is a great conversation starter… and I’ve been passing on links to your site and the YouTube video ever since!


  4. As in the case of the Industrial Revolution the new technology will operate important social transformations. Its most important effects are the empowerment of individuals and the coordination of masses. The new technology enhances coherence throughout society in knowledge, intentions or goals, and actions. In other words, it acts as a catalyst which sums forces from an arbitrarily large pool of independent actors. This particular aspect asymmetrically benefits the multitude to the detriment of a tyrannical government.
    Economical and political power will be transfered from the few to the many.

  5. Thanks for the post. This is a great video that I have already passed around the office. We use both of the videos to begin sales presentations.

    In ‘The Fischbowl’ they say that the video is “meant to be the start of a conversation, not the entire conversation.” So true – it gets people thinking what role they play in this ‘shift’ as individuals as well as businesses.

    PS. $3 million in computer sales on Twitter – brilliant!


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