YouTube Reaches One Billion Views Per Day

you-tube-one-billion-viewsChad Hurley, CEO and Co-founder of YouTube had this to say on the YouTube blog today: “I’m proud to say that we have been serving well over a billion views a day on YouTube. This is great moment in our short history and we owe it all to you.”

Hurley went on to point out a few fundamental tenets that contribute to YouTube’s success:

  • Speed matters: Videos should load and play back quickly.
  • Clip culture is here to stay
  • Open platforms open possibility: Content creation isn’t our business; it’s yours. 

YouTube has added a tiny Post-IT style note next to its logo to commemorate this feat.  It’s important to note that this billion number includes views from embedded players on other sites.  In recent social media news YouTube is often drowned out by the frenzy over Facebook and Twitter, but it’s hard to ignore 1,000,000,000.

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7 responses to “YouTube Reaches One Billion Views Per Day

  1. I would love to use Youtube for my own videos as pointed out by Oscar. Unfortunately, 10 minutes just isnt enough to show a poker game. Are there any sites that allow longer video upload? up to 2 hours would be ideal.

  2. Just read on the newspaper that google said that they paid to much fot youtube.

  3. Dear Eric, I have apprecated your video Social media Revolution and I am going to buy your book. Just a question. What’s the source of the data you give?
    thanks a lot

  4. Haha, No wonder it’s been running so slowly lately.

    But 1 billion per day. Wow. Incredible.

  5. The importance of YouTube cannot be underestimated as one of the most important multimedia sites of the Web 2.0

    Unfortunately many small businesses are still under-utilizing this wonderful resource.

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