Ho Ho Holy Cow! Facebook CPC Rates Dramatically Increase on Christmas Eve

By Erik Qualman

I was planning to take a day off from writing when the equivalent of eight tiny reindeer caught my eye.  The past few days I’ve been testing some Facebook Ad buys to see what kind of fluctuation there might be around the holidays (yes, this is what I do for fun).  Having played with PPC within Search Engines for over a decade I knew there were always spikes & valleys around this time of year.   Never in my wildest dreams would I have suspected such a spike in Facebook CPC.  Facebook already announced they were profitable earlier this year; I would love to see the final revenue they generate in December as a result of  retailers clamoring for Holiday sales frantically tossing good money their way.  Here is one quick data point:

Ads for my book Socialnomics targeting 18 to 100 year olds in the U.S.

  • Dec 19-22:  Avg CPC $0.47 -0.83

    In one example CPC on Christmas Eve went from $2.12 in the morning to $25.94 in the afternoon

  • Dec 22-23:  Avg CPC $.55-.95
  • Dec 24 Morning:  Avg CPC $2.12
  • Dec 24 Afternoon:  Avg suggested bid $18.38 – 25.94 USD (see image)

Looks like Christmas came a little early for Facebook! Mele Kalikimaka to them – did you know there are only 12 letters in the Hawaiian alphabet?  If only social media were that easy…

Are you seeing the same things?  Please comment below.

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8 responses to “Ho Ho Holy Cow! Facebook CPC Rates Dramatically Increase on Christmas Eve

  1. Hi, i am from Brazil, i want to say thanks, because here has a lot of interesting information, and i can learn.

    • jpmgx:

      There is a ton of social media interest in Brazil which is fantastic – love the openness of the country and I can’t wait to visit there again!

      Obrigado! Erik

  2. I suffered the same phenomenon on Spain. CPC were very very high and I opted to invest on CPM to get some exposure :S

  3. Why not buy Facebook placements on the Google Content Network….Substantially Cheaper

  4. Mele Kailikimala from Hawaii .
    I put my CPCon hold for a couple of week.
    Wala`au means to talk or converse, exactly what Social Media is. Just got your book, will inhale it over the next few days.

    • Aloha Randy!

      Probably a smart move pausing some items – although the week between Christmas and New Years many will be “asleep a the wheel” so you may get some decent return if you roll up the sleeves. But that doesn’t sound quite as appealing as a mai tai and reading Socialnomics (thanks for reading!) by the beach.

      Mele Kailikimala!!

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