Amazon PayPhrase New Twist on Open IDs

By Erik Qualman

I finally came across Amazon’s PayPhrase in the “wild” on my Amazon account.   It’s similar in respect to Facebook Connect in that you can start using it across the Web on various sites.  It is   much like some virtual wallets we have seen before.  The funny thing to me was how many popular phrase were already taken like:  “Carpe Diem” “Go For It” “Vida la Vida” “Nothing is Impossible” so, to avoid frustration, try to be original:  “Rainbow Bunny” “Sunny Fargo Beaches.”

It also promises to work as a great virtual wallet for kids/teens – the parent sets the spend limits.

In Amazon’s words:

PayPhrase is an easy-to-remember shortcut to shipping and payment information in your account. Use it for Express Checkout on and across the web. (Learn more)

Why should I use PayPhrase?
Privacy: Shop securely across the web without sharing your credit card
Express Checkout: Speed through checkout without having to sign in
Parental controls: Let teens shop online within limits you set
Where can I use PayPhrase?

Use PayPhrase on and many other web sites, including:

For more information on PayPhrase there is  a good article from Mike Butcher at TechCrunch.

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