Apple Tablet: The Promise by Sports Illustrated

By Erik Qualman

This is a great video from Sports Illustrated showcasing the potential promise of the Apple Tablet or any Tablet like device.

As we know at some point (the WSJ on 1/05 reported a ship date of March) we will be privy to the Apple Tablet (originally rumored to be called the Apple Slate). The Tablet should combine the functionality of a PC/eReader/Phone all in one device that has an 10 – 11″ screen. Many things are conjecture at this point including the price point (estimate $1000), but one thing is certain, if this is done correctly it will be a game changer for consumers similar to the iPhone. It will also throw Kerosene on the social media fire as it should make it even easier to be connected anywhere/anytime with full functionality.  In fact some are calling these tablets “media machines.”

This again has been one of the top items at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Vegas.  Many are trying to steal Apple’s potential thunder/unicorn including Lenova, Sony and Microsoft.

For more on CES/Tablet coverage the below are good articles:

PCWorld: Why the Microsoft-HP Tablet is a Big Disappointment by Daniel Inoescu

PCWorld: Meet the Sony Dash: The Latest Tablet to Debut at CES by Ginny Mies

Speaking of CES I thought that it was great to hear Ford sponsoring one of my favorite podcasts – CNET’s Buzz Out Loud with Tom Merritt and Molly Wood – who are covering CES.  Ford has a great presence at CES, which is another sign that James Farley and Scott Monty really “get it.”  They are transforming the Ford brand (how many author auto makers have such a large presence at CES) and I for one can’t wait for the WiFi cars to roll out!

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4 responses to “Apple Tablet: The Promise by Sports Illustrated

  1. If there was ever a reason to say “game changer” this would be it!

    I’ve been following Apple for a long time and in a nutshell, if the tablet is a real product (still not 100% clear) it has the potential to kill the web browser as we know it.

    Putting a “device” between the publisher and the consumer (i.e. tablet) opens up a profit machine of unimaginable size and scale for:

    *Apple (no brainer there!)
    *Social Media (the interaction will be huge)

    The only downside for consumers is that paid content is coming back in 2010. But they will pay for this exclusive, media tablet experience.

    I can almost hear James Earl Jones’ voice saying to Steve Jobs “they’ll pass over the money without even thinking about it.”

  2. Wow! I believe a nice device could revive the publishing industry.

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