Top 20 Social Media Experts

By Erik Qualman

I had some fun this week in my ClickZ column by highlighting the best in brightest in the social media field.  You can find the detailed article here: Social Media All-Stars

As the title showcases I selected 10 Social Media All-Stars for each team.  You can see these All-Stars in the images on this post, or the list is below.  Pete Cashmore is such a social media rockstar that he would throw out the first pitch:

American League All-Star Team:Mari Smith Social Media All-Star

  • Gary Vaynerchuk: @garyvee
  • Brian Solis: @briansolis
  • Mari Smith:  @MariSmith
  • Shiv Singh: @shivsingh
  • Clay Shirky: @cshirky
  • Peter Shankman: @skydiver
  • David Meerman Scott: @dmscott
  • Jeremiah Owyang: @jowyang
  • Lee Odden: @LeeOdden
  • Dave Morin: @davemorin

Guy Kawasaki National League All-Star Team

  • Scott Monty: @scottmonty
  • Valeria Maltoni: @ConversationAge
  • Charlene Li: @charleneli
  • Guy Kawasaki: @GuyKawasaki
  • Mitch Joel:  @MitchJoel
  • Brian Halligan: @bhalligan
  • Seth Godin
  • Paul Gillin: @pgillin
  • Chris Brogan: @chrisbrogan
  • Josh Bernoff: @jbernoff

Honorable MentionSocial Media Experts
Corey Perlman, Dan Zarella, Louis Gray, Richard Binhammer, Frank Eliason, Richard Binhammer, Robert Scoble, Lee Aase, Eric Bradlow, Sally Falkow, Don Steele, Julien Smith, Michael Lazerow, Sarah Hofstetter, Mack Collier, Mike Barbeau, Todd Defren, Tom Gerace, Elizabeth Pigg, Richard MacManus, Jon Gibs, Chris Cunningham, Paul Beck, Matt Goddard, Chris Heuer, CC Chapman, Chris Penn, Shel Israel, Tamar Weinberg, Larry Weber, Morgan Johnston, Tim Washer, David Armano, Nick O’Neil, Mike Stelzner, Jason Falls, Dave Kerpen,  Sonia Simone,  Adam Singer, Michael Brito, Geoff Livingston, Wayne Sutton.

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24 responses to “Top 20 Social Media Experts

  1. I am curious as to the formula used to arrive at rating the experts. You did an awesome job, but, I am curious if it was based off of social net profit, total followership, or membership of certain key training organizations.

  2. Erik, thanks for actual materials. league list – very important for all.

  3. What makes someone a social media expert. What do they have to do to earn the tittle?

  4. Erik-

    What an awesome idea – thanks for including me amongst such an amazing list. As a die hard baseball fan (and long suffering Mets fan) I went with the NL – but your AL is pretty darn impressive too. Speaking of baseball – I bet one category where none of the above can top me is Major League Parks- been to 42 and counting (hoping to get to Minneapolis in ’10 to make it 43!) Cheers, Dave

  5. You left out Beth Kanter @kanter – social media icon in the non-profit world as well as Wendy Harman @wharman (she is responsible for Obama’s 1st tweet through the American Red Cross twitter account) and Danielle Brigida @starfocus at the National Wildlife Federation.

  6. Very flattering – I thought Canada was the latest State… hmm… 😉

    Seriously… many thanks!

    • Mitch:

      Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully our paths cross in the real world soon. Hopefully not inCanada during the winter though 🙂

  7. 😛 😀 :O

  8. Can you add links to this list of people?

    It would be great to be able to click through to their profiles.

  9. Eri, thanks for including me in the list. As a Red Sox fan, I’m relieved to be in the American league list. I don’t think I could have handled being in the other one 🙂

    • Shiv:

      According to the poll the National League is kicking your guys butt…ironic since the National League hasn’t done well in the real All-Star game for the past decade. Keep up the great writing/research, I love reading your stuff.

  10. Thanks for the “Honorable Mention” I’m going with that team 🙂 . Ok since that is against the rules I’m voting for the National League All-Star Team.

    Keep in touch.

    • Wayne:

      Thanks for stopping by and voting. Looks like you have selected the winning team so far in the National League Team according to the poll results. Your Honorable Mention is well deserved, keep being social.

  11. As usual, I enjoy your posts, Erik. Some great names on your list here.

    Two things:
    1. How is it that you are “Manager” for both the AL and NL teams? Not even Tony LaRussa or Joe Torre can pull that off!

    2. Given the time of year, how about an All-Pro football team? Talk about on field engagement..AFC vs. NFC Super Social Media Bowl? 🙂


    • Ted:

      Great points! The graphic was easier to do for All-Stars (football field was going to be difficult) plus I liked the round number of 20. LOL on the Manager…hey as I said it’s fantasy right? Have a great one Ted!

  12. Wow what a great idea for a post! Wish I had thought of it 😉 You have a really good lineup on both teams! Will this game be televised? Keep up the good work!

  13. Erik, you put a Boston native in the National League? What were you thinking?? 😉

  14. Erik, what a h00t!!!! I just love your team selections and am deeply honored to be included!! [How cool I get to be on the American League… given I’m “Scandifornian.” ha!!! :)]

    You are truly one-of-a-kind and I applaud YOU for all you do to contribute to the social media field. Your videos are second to none and your Socialnomics book should be on every business person’s desk!!

    Keep up the great work.

    • Mari:

      I’m glad you liked the baseball card photo – sorry no fun hat in it this time! Thanks for the kind words about my book and videos. Keep up the great work as many many have applauded your selection and rightfully so!

  15. Morning Erik! I could not agree with you more on Mari, Seth, Chris B, and Guy! I have been following them all last year and they have only provided EXTREME value to anyone they came across. In particular, Mari has really helped my business of late (not to mention she’s a fellow San Diegan!) Thanks for the All-Star list. The question remains…which side would win the World Series?

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