Fun Video: Into the Twittersphere

By Erik Qualman

This video is an oldie, but a goodie.  With over two million views on YouTube it has struck a cord with many.

Aside from being funny, what I like about it is that it points out many false truths about Twitter.  For example when it showcases people tweeting “Watching TV with my cat” or “I forgot how much I like pickles” this is what people that don’t use Twitter believe Twitter is all about.

Sure some mundane chatter occurs in Twitter, but a majority of activity on Twitter is business, information sharing and cause (helping Haiti is particularly hot right now) related.

So, enjoy watching this funny video, but understand that it is missing the real power of Twitter.    Hat tip to the folks at Current Super News for putting this together.

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3 responses to “Fun Video: Into the Twittersphere

  1. Wish we could view the video here in the UK…

  2. Video is so fun , so great ! Nothing to say ! WONDERFUL !

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