New Facebook Look … Again

By Erik Qualman

Facebook revealed a new look today. If you haven’t seen this change yet, you will.  Inside Facebook indicates 80 million users got the new home page layout February 4, and more will be seeing the redesign shortly.

The new Facebook layout includes a new home page design, and an applications and games dashboard.  Below is a sneak peak.

Facebook's New Look

Facebook's New Look Came Out Today

My 3-minute reaction is that I like it.  If over the course of the next 24-hours that opinion changes I will let you know!  The main change is to the top and side navigation; specifically, it is easier to find the items you use most: messages, new requests, notifications, etc.

Benefits of the new Facebook

Another feature is they showcase who’s online now (left nav) in an attempt to increase the use of their chat feature. They’ve also made the reminders, like for birthdays, a little more prominent.   I’ve only reviewed for a few minutes, but so far there is nothing glaring that I can’t find.

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12 responses to “New Facebook Look … Again

  1. I have only just signed up to Facebook. Took me a while but I guess I will have to get used to it changing a lot.

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  3. Ike, it is probably a safe deduction that most users would like to return to the most recent iteration prior to the February 5, 2010 revision.

    (I noticed in my previous response I said “say” and not “safe”; sorry about the duplication).

  4. My knee jerk reaction is to say I hate it. Why? It’s change, it’s different, it’s something I have to relearn after having learned the old system. I am willing to bet that many other users feel that way as well.

    That being said I always give changes a chance. I wait and see if it offers something new. I Google new features that others may have discovered, which I might want to implement. I do all of this with a critical eye in comparing against the previous system. Overall I can’t be too unhappy since I’m not paying for Facebook and learning a new system isn’t that bad.

    Glitches and errors: I can’t seem to get anything to work on my facebook account, so that’s the real reason I hate it. They new system doesn’t let me navigate anywhere or do anything. I can login and that’s it.

    Ike, it is probably a say deduction that most users would like to return to the most recent iteration prior to the February 5, 2010 revision.

  5. Tampilan Facebook saya belum berubah…
    Apa ada saran, apa yang harus saya lakukan untuk dapat merubah tampilan Facebook saya?

  6. I think everyone always complains every time Facebook changes up the design of their page. I personally like it and think its better than before. Please will adjust to it soon!!

  7. News feed of Top News vs. Most Recent is useless. Clicking on Most Recent gives you different results each time. Many posts are simply missing, they never show up. Hopefully this is a bug they will sort through quickly.

    And two clicks to now log out? Seriously?

  8. Didn’t check it out yet but I hope they have done something about the ‘groups’ button.
    As a person who has started groups on facebook I would really like to see access to your groups more readily available rather than hidden in that little row of icons at the bottom.

  9. Is it possible to switch back to old look?
    I really hate this new look. The old one was soo much better. Here i can’t find anything.
    Want the old one back!

  10. Eric, if there are people clamoring to “go back to the OLD Facebook,” they need to clarify how far back they’d like to go.

    • Ike:

      Good point with how far back you want to go because there have been so many iterations. Interesting thought would be to make everything more modular so that you can adjust more like iGoogle, MyYahoo, etc.

  11. it’s fine, but with the prior layout i was able to drag the “status update” to the top of the list and add that as my “default”. Now I can’t. Any suggestion anyone on how i can make the live “status update” my default once once again? (not fond of news feed).

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