Social Media TV Example

By Erik Qualman

Over the last year we have started to see many television commercials mention social media, insert a funny line about it (“Facebook Me”) or simply tag social media icons at the end.

I recently came upon a commercial for Norms Restaurant and it did something different.  The foundation of the commercial is grounded in social media rather than simply being an add-on.

“We came up with the idea to actually create and produce Facebook and Twitter spots not just tag spots to join us on Facebook and Twitter.  We wanted the spots to truly define and reflect what Facebook and Twitter are all about in a personal and humorous way.  We believe that this strategy also would drive more people to join us because the spots are unique, engaging and attention getting, not just a tag which most people don’t pay attention to any longer.” – Paige Gillingwater

The commercials run regionally.  Norms is a family owned business with several restaurants in the Southern California area.  The family started their small business/restaurants sixty years ago.  This family owned business has seen the following success within 10 days of the TV commercials:

  • Gained 1,000 fans on Facebook
  • Gained 150 followers on Twitter

Just as Social Media never sleeps, Norm’s restaurants never close; they are open 24 hours a day.

“At the end of the day, Social Media celebrates life in real-time which is a great fit for Norms Restaurants and the tagline for Norms:  Where Life Happens – 24/7,” said Paige Gillingwater, President of Black Lab Productions.  Black Lab Productions (Los Angeles, CA) are the ones behind the production and integrated social media approach.
Paige further went on to explain that “the strategy to the spots stays in tact with the holistic and personal approach we are taking with our Social Media campaign.  With these spots, our Facebook and Twitter pages, our YouTube Channel, the Norms Blog and our traditional TV campaign all running at once, we are deeply penetrating the market.”

What I like about this is that it is incorporating into their entire strategy and staying true to what Norms is all about.  It is also taking a longer term, engagement approach rather than focusing on immediate gratifications.  Perhaps it is a reflection of the family’s sixty-year history.

If you take a look at their Facebook Fan Page you will see the following recent interactions:

“Had Valentines Dinner at Norms, it’s my favorite place!”

“Great place, this is the first restaurant I went to when I moved to L.A back in the 80’s, a friend Dante (R.I.P) took me there.”


The other thing I like about Norms is that they respond quickly to most posts, no matter what time they happen:

“Would love it if you carried Tabasco sauce…

Norms: “Hi. we do carry Tabasco sauce. did you ask for it and they did not have it for you?”

“Stopped by Norms in Downey this morning at 2 am.  Good ol’ T-Bone Steak & Eggs! YUmmmmmm!”

Norms: “Nothing like a 2 am T-Bone Steak & Eggs!”

Norms and Black Lab Productions are off to a good start integrating social media within an overall small business strategy & culture.

6 responses to “Social Media TV Example

  1. I wish that I understood social marketing better. Looks like that is the big thing at the moment. Looks like this company is doing it well.

  2. Who were your best friends? What were they like?

  3. That is AWESOME. I love to see the incorporation of social media. Best part of it all:

    They are engaging. They are directly addressing their customers, and thats what people want. The days of shoving traditional ads down consumers throats is dead. Engaging is the game.

  4. T-bone steak any time day or night? Hmm . . . . they got me, I want one!

    See, social media does work! Shame I’m thousands of miles from Norms. :-p

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