Justin Bieber Dead? Not according to Twitter

Justin Bieber Dead

Justin Bieber Tweets about being alive and well

[tweetmeme source=”equalman” only_single=false http://socialnomics.net%5DBy Erik Qualman

Justin Bieber Dead at the age of 15? The Internet can often be the catalyst for fake deaths and hoaxes.  This has occurred today with singer Justin Bieber.  Justin Bieber, who will be 16 on March 1, is known for hit songs like “One Time”, “Favorite Girl” and “Love Me”.  Bieber is in fact still alive, and this is a similar hoax to one that was pulled on the net back in early January 2010.  Some rumors back then had fans worried over Justin Bieber’s death as well.

This time Bieber was able to quickly squelch the rumor via  a simple tweet:

“and another rumor that I died?? The craziest stuff happens when I get on long plane rides. lol. Im ALIVE and well and very blessed. thanks. “

It’s probably good publicity since his BABY video hits iTunes tomorrow as you can also see from his tweet in the Justin Bieber Twitter image.

I guess this is another benefit of social media… a quick tweet from the celebrity can quickly falsify rumors.  The problem is going to be when one of this death rumors is true and someone also has their Twitter login and sends out a Tweet.  Hopefully we don’t see this anytime soon.

For more information on this, you can read a post on social media network gather.com

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43 responses to “Justin Bieber Dead? Not according to Twitter


  2. to Justin bieber like you love Chelsey I love you

  3. just in bieber

  4. hes 17 this march, im not a fan, i know this cuz we share a birthday, im exactly a year younger than he is 🙂

  5. justin bieber is sooooooo hot and he is an amazing artist
    luv ya

  6. well…i hope u wont 4got our date this friday..Love my Dear Pritha.. my B’lobe Dear..

    Hope u all wont b jealous..couse we’re dating!! haha..no jokes…

    P/S: Love U Dear!! n i MIss U…
    This is 2 my dear(Pritha Bieber)

  7. your songs are great! and it totally rocks!

  8. I think it isnot true.he is so young .

  9. Seriously , I love you Justin Bieber <33

  10. i cant beliave yall were thinking he was dead!!!!!

  11. mom sorry lol i said mim on my last coment lol

  12. i wish i had a twitter and facebook but my mim n dad wont let me have one): i love you justin bieber love mrs bieber

  13. hey justin,how are you???????????????

  14. i love him sooooooooooooooooooooooo much i dream bout him all the time i love his smile and his hair and evertthing bout him even lke his voice lol i saw him at gintte stadiom he rocked sooooo did taylor swift good job

  15. hey hey Justin i totaly love ur music bt am nt in love wit u bt i think ur an amazing guy and a brilliant singer/songwriter

  16. well justin (alex) drew bieber aint dead ait and i know dat cuz he is visiting me on june.12 and i know hym scince we wus in preeschool lol soo yea miss u

  17. I love you so mush lool

  18. to Justin Bieber i like you love chelsey

  19. hey justin your ma best artist u rock

  20. this is stupid !

  21. michelle uribe

    hi am michelle and hope one day i could meet you u are really hot and hope one day i could meet someone like u and love me by the way i am. hope one day u could come to perris with love michy.

  22. my name is diana l m from Thailand love you

  23. i wonder what will be the next PR prank for JB

  24. Justin Bieber’m in love with you lyrics are the best
    then I heard no more stop to listen
    undying passion

  25. i lve justin bieber ever since we were nine but he does not now

  26. that is sooooooo true kelly not t hat i know who you are tlike but yno x

  27. yaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy he aint dead thank god.

  28. i cried when i heard he was dead but thank god he`s alive lol.

  29. ı love you justin ıfiliz and ı zehra friend

  30. justin beiber is not dead!!!!!! i no alot about justin and where he hangs and is at most of the time. it was just a joke!!!! duh.

  31. JUSTIN BIEBER IS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. hey people….. im not realy i fan of justin bieber… but i just wanted to no if it was true if he was dead i thougth it was just a lie but my friends that are in love with him said it was not….

  33. I think its always helpful to be careful with the interpretation of such news.

  34. I think it was just a big PR tactic to gain media attention for his new album.

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