eReaders & iPads Will Make Everyone Smarter

By Erik Qualman

Many business travelers love their favorite eReader (Nook, Kindle, Sony eReader, etc.) because of the convenience.  This is very similar to when we turned in our bulky music CD cases (sorry Case Logic) for lighter and more elegant iPods.  As we peer into the future, the thing that excites me the most about eReaders, iPads, etc. is the social component.  One quick example is:iPad

When I went to college and purchased a used book I’d spend a few minutes sifting through the various copies before placing one into my plastic basket. After selection, I hoped and prayed that the person who took the notes in the margins and highlighted certain passages was smart.  Sure, I had my own system, a tattered book was better than a fresher looking one as I assumed it was read more.  I also equated neat handwriting and color coded highlighting as a sign of aptitude.  Not a perfect system by any means, but it got me through college.

With the sharing capability of eReaders though, buying used books will quickly become a thing of the past.  How great will it be to have one tiny eReader or iPad to tote around campus rather than straining the straps of backpack loaded with books?  Also, I will be able to perform quick digital searches and sorts for all the notes from the A+ students.  Imagine the improved knowledge transfer from student to student.  This is what excites me about the future world of education being enabled by social components of eReaders/iPads and I hope it excites you too.

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8 responses to “eReaders & iPads Will Make Everyone Smarter

  1. Great post and I agree with you Erik. I am also excited to see how this improved knowledge transfer with eReaders & iPads is going to evolve in the near future and to see the impact on learning & education.

  2. So timely! I was just updating myself this week on the technology of eReaders/iPads to date. The possibilities are exciting and I look forward to wireless and application advancements to bring ALL to the user on demand.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing how these eReaders (especially the iPad) will revolutionize learning in organizations. Not only can organizations custom build learning applications, but they also provide channels for informal learning through social media. I think it is extremely exciting and I can’t wait to see more.

  4. Erik:
    Excellent thinking on the effect of social media on education. A cautionary note, however, is that good old-fashioned, low-tech executional excellence will never cease to be critical. The image of your face, in front of the window at the Loew’s Santa Monica, is almost entirely black. (Your video camera read the exposure for the beach outside the window, rather than for you.) No matter how impressive the strategic thinking, A+ execution will always be key to success.

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  6. It will take an adjustment in sensory gratification for those who like the ‘feel’ of turning the pages as well as learning a new way to save / highlight sections to return to. All-in-all I can’t wait to see one in person.

  7. You know that the ipad and other such devices will bring some questions about academic dishonesty too. Hate to bring it up but it will be there. What are your thoughts on this?

  8. Hi Erik,

    I agree, the possibilities for tablets and education is exciting and I think the ipad (and the others which will surface soon) are going to be information and entertainment delivery devices. They won’t compete with laptops or phones but instead will bring books, magazines, movies, tv shows and sports events to us, on demand wherever we are.

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