Blackberry dominates, but is the future iPhone & Android?

By Erik Qualman

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Droid Incredible

Droid Incredible by HTC

The Blackberry still dominates the smartphone market, but the iPhone and Android may be our mobile devices of tomorrow.  Only time will tell, but here is where we stand currently (comScore data).

  • BlackBerry 42.1%
  • Apple 25.4%
  • MSFT Mobile 15.1%
  • Android 9%

For us social media addicts, competition is a great thing as mobile drives social and social drives mobile.  It’s imperative that our consumption devices keep up with our consumption habits and, in this case, competition is a great thing.

There is a great article that goes in depth on this subject at Yahoo.

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6 responses to “Blackberry dominates, but is the future iPhone & Android?

  1. Blackberry are actually in a very strong position. Their smartphones have the best email facilities, as well as managing memory most efficiently and boasting excellent battery life. The other manufacturers are having to catch up with these features and I believe that Blackberry have the easier job of catching up. They just keep doing what they’re doing and along the way they tweak things like media, web browsing and design among other things. Oh and build quality really is outstanding. With RIM’s OS 6.0 coming with the torch later this year, watch this space. I am sticking with Blackberry.

  2. Business providing Blackberries for employees must account for a large portion of their strength. Has anyone seen stats on independent vs company ownerships of phones? Anyone who has moved to Phone 2.0 (iphone or Android), old and young alike, have been ecstatic about the change from my experience.

    It won’t be long before Blackberries are to phones what DOS is for computing. “Sure you can type commands to open that doc- by why would you want to now?”

  3. I am pretty confident in predicting that Android will win the global smartphone war. The big hardware manufacturers, esp HTC and Samsung, are all bringing out some really compelling products for Droid and has far more distribution. Apple has defined the early market, but it is a luxury product with a closed platform.

  4. Blackberry really only dominates because it’s been around since like, ’03 (ish…)

  5. I’ll admit I was a total crackberry addict. But after using WebOS for a while and Android, it’s amazing to me that BB has held on to the market share that they have with such an outdated OS. The hardware has always been a strong point, but it’s starting to feel dated too. I would love something new and exciting from RIM, I would switch back in a heartbeat if there was… i miss my keyboard. )-:

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