Even Google Says Facebook is #1

By Erik Qualman

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top websites

Top 20 Websites in the World {source: Google

Google  released a list of the top 1,000 sites in the world. This list is a result of new

features that Google has enabled for its AdWords clients, specifically allowing advertisers to  only show their  ads on these top 1,000 sites.

Facebook secures the top ranking globally with 570,000,000,000 page views and 540,000,000 unique visitors. This is interesting as Facebook self reports just over 400 million profiles, so at a “dirty math” level Facebook influences 35% more people that don’t even have a profile on Facebook [note: very dirty math].

It particularly piqued my interest, because when we were researching data for the Social Media Revolution 2 video (below) we only indicated Facebook topped Google in the U.S. for unique visitors (Hitwise). This now appears possibly a bit conservative – perhaps Facebook has achieved the top spot globally.

This list from Google will be updated monthly and does not include adult sites, ad networks, or Google. The fact that Google doesn’t include themselves is interesting to say the least and leads one to ask the question…do they not list themselves because they are no longer #1?

Google says the data is aggregated from Google Toolbar data, Google Analytics data, opt-in external consumer panel data, and other third-party market research.

Google can see first hand that their fiercest competition is coming from the likes of Facebook, QQ, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc.  As consumers it’s fun to see this intense battle of the big boys as it only makes our Internet offerings better.

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9 responses to “Even Google Says Facebook is #1

  1. Small question, the figures on traditional media, namely that television took 13 years to reach 50 million users, is a global figure or American?


  2. So where is Google on that list? And YouTube and Gmail or any other Google property? They filter themselves out. They also state they use an estimation for the numbers, which invalidates it immediately, “Approximate number of cookies on a site over a specific month as determined by DoubleClick Ad Planner’s algorithms. (Note: This metric doesn’t represent the actual number of cookies on a site.)”
    According to Compete.com, FaceBook is at 135,375,036 unique visitors per month. Google.com alone is at 145,646,954. Add Google’s YouTube and you get another 90,780,604. Throw Gmail into the mix and you get another 8,798,180. It all adds up to FaceBook being #2 and having a LONG way to go to even be considered the #1 site. With Yahoo.com at 128 million +, Facebook is slightly more useful as the #2 search engine.

  3. There are different license agreements by country for the music. Hence whomever has that license doesn’t have an agreement with YouTube to allow that music to be played in Germany. Thanks for the insight! There is a lot of helpful information within those links.

    facebook ads guide

  4. >>> So the delta (140MM) would be

    Not buying that.

    540 mill Unique IP’s vs 400 mil profiles and the delta 140+ mil represent those connect from work and from home…

  5. @equalman

    maybe youz should try next time http://www.ccmixter.org for your global atcs/commercial use. The story about different rigths in different coutries isn`t new.

  6. Erik,

    I think the 400MM number is Facebook profiles, not unique users. So the delta (140MM) would be people visiting Facebook pages who themselves don’t have FB profiles.

    The other very interesting insight this Adplanner data contains is the exceptionally high page views per unique user for FB. At 1056, it is 3x higher than the next highest group (Yahoo! Japan, MySpace and Craigslist are all over 300), and more than 10x higher than most other large portal sites. This extraordinary level of engagement is what sets FB apart and what make it a revolution, not just another social media fly-by-night.


  7. In Germany (maybe oher countries, too?) the Video you created couldn`t be viewed on YouTube, because it contains material of WMG/Sony.

    What is the reason?

    • Klaus: There are different license agreements by country for the music. Hence whomever has that license doesn’t have an agreement with YouTube to allow that music to be played in Germany.

      I’ve posted on vimeo as you should be able to view it here:


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