Facebook Statistics & History in Picture Form

By Erik Qualman
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Paul Hughes of onlinemba.com sent this incredible Facebook infographic my way (below). I hope you enjoy Paul’s work as much as I do!

Facebook: Facts You Didn't Know
Via: Online MBA

Please feel free to share your comments and thoughts on the above infographic. Anything you love about it? Disagree with?

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15 responses to “Facebook Statistics & History in Picture Form

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  3. I find the Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD) and Court Summons in Australia hard to believe.
    Could be a prank from the original source?

  4. Thanks for pulling this altogether. Makes a really interesting post. I’m really enjoying your blog………….

  5. I have enjoyed this piece of fascinating evidence that suggests maybe even some day a social media website could be more profitable than a traditional business website.

  6. Interesting bunch of facts. Awesome layout too.

    Hope to see more.

  7. Thanks for sharing the graphic. I really enjoy seeing the statistics all laid out like this. It puts everything into perspective. Some of these facts and numbers are unbelievable. Facebook has definitely come long way over the years!

  8. Jonathan: Glad you are enjoying the book! What was nice to see is Google released their own traffic data and it showed that Facebook has 540 Million Unique Visitors so it gives some credibility (in my mind) to Facebook’s self reported 400 million profiles. Thanks for the support! I will look for your review on Amazon!

    Thanks for taking the time to comment and contribute here.

    Best, Erik

  9. Jonathan Lawson

    Interesting graphic. Many facts are impressive, but 400 Million profiles active monthly, and 50% of those daily surprised me. I wonder if those are individual profiles (1), or a personal profile + severalmanaged business profiles equaling 2 or more.

    Either way, keep it coming. I am enjoying your book.

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