Steve Jobs = Social Media King

By Erik Qualman

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The folks at are at it again with another great infographic. Social media drives mobile and mobile drives social media consumption. With the iPhone 4 and iPad recent launches it got me wondering… Steve Jobs and Apple own the music space and are trying to own the eBook publishing space…is the next frontier for him to own the social space? Will this be added to the infographic in the coming years? What do you think: crazy or true?

15 Things to Know About Steve Jobs
Via: Online Schools

Hats off to Ellie Koning for a great infographic design.

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10 responses to “Steve Jobs = Social Media King

  1. This is a “cool” (for the lack of words) infographic. Reading bout Steve Jobs life is simply inspirational; and his quirks are simply amusing. I wonder what he thought when he left Apple in 1985. Did he ever think at that point that he would be the CEO of Apple? – one of the hugest brand names in the tech world.

  2. Why did he order the lattes when he’s a vegan?

  3. I read with interest, NPR’s recent interview with Ron Wayne, one of the original founders of Apple who left after 12 days. The article gives some insight to those crazy, early days.

    ‘Lost’ Apple Founder Has No Regrets

  4. This definitely held my interest. I like reading all of these sort of fun facts! Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is good blog message, I will keep this in mind. If you add more video and pictures because it helps understanding 🙂

  6. This is just funny to see some of quirks about Jobs. Guess a lot is explained with this information.

    And yes, it is possible for him to own the social media space. For a very short while though. ADD is way rampant in the social media world and he would soon be replaced by the next big whatever or whoever comes about.

    I’m betting a cat overtakes him.

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