Tequila better than Texting while driving

By Erik Qualman

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If you have been imploring your teenager, husband, or wife to avoid texting or tweeting while driving; you have been vindicated by results (below) from a recent Car & Driver test.  The results are frightening.


At 70 mph, it takes a driver 15 feet to brake while driving drunk.  Yet, compared to sending a text this is almost twice as safe as it takes 31 feet to brake while sending a text.


Driving 35 mph, it takes a texting driver 25 feet before braking compared to only 4 feet for a drunk driver (6x safer!).

Twenty-one states have banned texting and driving; seems it’s time for the other 29 states to join them.

Source of cartoon: unknown

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10 responses to “Tequila better than Texting while driving

  1. Well.. anything which diverts your attention while driving is a bad exercise.

  2. In Trinidad & Tobago, BBM (black berry messenger) probably ranks up their with alcohol! RIM may need to come in a clean up the mess! We’re about a month or two away from banning driving and talking on a handset, slow, but progress, especially for a country where driving with a beer in hand is still very commonplace, cultural almost!

  3. I recently bumped on a huge tree and I was just walking while texting. It was like those gag films you see on TV. That’s a disturbing stat you presented there. So, this means our constant need to connect just proves to be more dangerous than drunk driving ( or even smoking cigarettes )? I don’t want to believe it but the stats have spoken and I rest my case then.

    • Garious: You raise a great point that I need to write about…walking and texting is also very dangerous (sorry about you hitting a tree). Some people have been killed walking into traffic while they text.

      Best, equalman

      • A girl on Staten Island fell down an open manhole while texting and walking last summer. It is very dangerous.

        You can google “girl falls down manhole while texting and walking” to see the results, I promise they’re real. 🙂

        Thank you for posting these. I had just written a post asking people not to text and drive and one of my regulars sent me the link to your post.

  4. I almost hit a mailbox the other day while checking something on my iPhone. It was an adrenaline moment that was an excellent reminder of the dangers of distraction. Not everyone gets a no-injury wake-up call!

  5. Banning texting while driving is a great move – but what about fiddling with a cranky GPS device while driving, or trying to soothe a kid with a tantrum, or coercing a radio set into obedience? There are so many possible distractions in a car.

  6. Or just make it illegal to crash into things? oh wait….it already is.

  7. WOW! I was greatly unaware of those stats. I find it hard to believe that “texters” are now more dangerous than drunk drivers. What’s scary is that people will text and drive at any time of day. I think you are likely to run into (pardon the expression) drunk drivers at night.

    I do not like to overanalyze things, texting is quickly replacing human-to-human interaction. Why do you think society is trending towards less communication with each other face-to-face?

    Thanks Erik!

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