Facebook: Live Like Your Mother is Watching

By Erik Qualman

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Since the explosion of social media many years ago we have advocated to “live your life as if your mother is watching.”  Justin Smith and others early last year confirmed this was a good idea by statistically indicating the fastest growing segment on Facebook was comprised of females over 55-years-old.  Many of us have experienced first hand receiving a friend request from a mom or even grandmother.

This SNL short is a hilarious take on this growing phenomenon and a creative way of dealing with it.  It is funny, because of the underlying truth.  This point shouldn’t be lost on companies; they too need to behave as if everything they say and do will become public record, because in today’s social world it will.

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2 responses to “Facebook: Live Like Your Mother is Watching

  1. Ricky: You are one of the lucky ones!

  2. lol! That is hilarious! There is finally a reason for having parents who are not computer literate – Including mine. (joke :p)

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