Facebook data says you will get dumped 2 weeks before Christmas

[tweetmeme source=”equalman” only_single=false http://socialnomics.net/%5DFacebook has always been a window into relationships, however thanks to a study by David McCandless of data compiled from over 10,000 different statuses we now know the following:


  • Most breakups happen after Valentines day
  • Breakups likely to happen 2 weeks before Xmas and on April fools day
  • Mondays are the most common day of the week for breakups
  • Christmas day is the one day of the year a break up is least likely to happen.
facebook dating data
His study analyzed how many times people used the words “break-up” or “broken-up”  in their statuses and compared them to the day they were posted. From this he created a graph to show when we are most likely to break up with our partners.
Most interesting is the fact that one of the prime days for breakups appears to be April fools day, Though there is no mention as to whether he takes into account the fact that people may just be playing a prank on their Facebook friends.
Seeing how easy it was to compile this information from Data freely available on Facebook does have to make us wonder how many other people will be doing this in the future, and what other insights can we learn about our dating habits from other social media.


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Adam Lyons SocialnomicsAdam Lyons is a contributing columnist to Socialnomics. He is a featured writer and video presenter for askmen.com and holds the award for the best Pick Up Artist and Dating Coach 2010.

7 responses to “Facebook data says you will get dumped 2 weeks before Christmas

  1. I’d like to see the same study but observing when people’s “Relationship Status” moves from “In a Relationship/Married” to “Single”.

    There could be a number of errors in the data by monitoring one’s “Regular Status”. Someone could be talking about another couple “breaking up” or their favorite band is “broken up”. And what if people do not explicitly use “breaking up” or “broken up” in there status, but something more ambiguous like “Why did it end?”

    I think relationship status would be a far better metric for this study.

  2. I believe that Facebook makes it easier for relationships to change for the fact that people interact where they probably shouldn’t.

    If I spent hours emailing or chatting with Barbara (above), by the way Barbara fix the text on your author page >>Making things simple. It’s what I’ve been doing now for 1998<<.

    I may or may not be included in those face book stats that you have mentioned.

    If pe0ple took more responsibility for the decisions and commitments they have made than it would be a different world.

    You spend time with the people you like to be around!

    Just be sure of your commitments 🙂

  3. Haha this is great! I keep telling my friends about this study and they think it’s hilarious! I don’t think they get the point that Facebook really is keeping track of us and learning a lot from us. I used to wonder why such an amazing thing like Facebook was free, now I realize how useful it is to everyone.
    Great article! Thanks for posting this!

  4. Very powerful the data that is available for all things. Just like Google you will see Facebook start to “lock down” more and more of its data. Just a guess.


  5. Breakup before the holidays? I suppose it does make sense – start the new year out, ahem, right.

    Interesting take!

  6. Adam, are you really serious about this? Will hiding the relationship profile from everyone work to break the curse? I’m just kiddin’, of course. This is really interesting and if your stats hold true, I guess it’s safe not to see your loved one on Mondays, say you have a Monday Blues. So, Facebook’s over 500 million users is now a giant testing center for research like this and I wonder if a lot of people are happy about it.

    Issa @ Garious

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