World’s Top Social Media Sites

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What are the top social media sites in the world? Below is a list of the world’s top social media sites. Some are networks like Facebook, while others focus on a niche like photos, country, age, dating, etc.

Later this week I’ll detail out what each company does. Any I missed?

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Sources: Facebook: Twitter: /Linkedin: /Foursquare: / YouTube: / Wikipedia: / Photobucket: / Myspace: / Orkut:

Written by Cidney Carver

Cid is a contributing columnist to Socialnomics helping to give a Generation Y and Z perspective on digital trends.


31 responses to “World’s Top Social Media Sites

  1. Good articles! Thank you!

  2. ~515M is Facebook’s active monthly number, I’m sure the registered users number (which you use to measure every other site on the list) would be much, much higher.

  3. I think Amazon is one of the greatest/earliest social media sites. Built upon user generated reviews, and since it’s a store you can even show the value of social media from the good old ROI perspective 🙂

  4. What about Netlog?
    72.584.252 members worldwide.

  5. you should make some changes nwo.. Facebook si the top one 😉

  6. Youtube: 2 billion uploads/day.. and 24 hours of footage every minute. Can’t be right, average movie length would be just over 1,5 frames at 25 frames/second.

    • Mike:

      Love that you are digging into this! This number comes from YouTube here:

      If you share your numbers with YouTube and they notice an inaccuracy and correct their numbers please let us know and we will change when YouTube releases the correction.

      Thanks for reading and the investigative help, we at Socialnomics greatly appreciate it!!

      Best, @equalman

  7. If we include skype, shouldn’t we also give a nod to gmail and other email platforms as a social media platform/network? Personally, I spend several hours a day in gmail reading email, chatting with people, making google voice calls, and conducting video chats.

    • Jason:

      I know that Google would love that! They’ve been trying to get in the social game [e.g. Sidewiki, Wave, Buzz] for some time now. It’s interesting and also difficult as one could make an argument that almost all players are becoming social. It may make sense to include gmail next time.

      The good news on the Google side is it has forced them to make search much better (Instant, Video & Twitter inclusion, etc.).

      Thanks for the input!

      Cheers, equalman

  8. (В КОНТАКТЕ) already has about 100 million, not 75)

  9. Hyves, 10 million registered users, social network platform in the Netherlands.

  10. Interested to see that Bebo wasn’t there….

  11. Facebook never publish the number of registered users they have, just the number of monthly active users (a much more meaningful metric), and I’ve not seen them announce 515 million at any point in any case.

    Are these numbers made up?

  12. Wow Cidney, great research! Our culture’s movement towards social media as a means of communication, marketing and forum of thoughts and ideas is both scary and assuring at the same time. These figures prove that businesses and professionals must “plug in” to this ever important “online presence” in order to succeed. It’s time for Generation Y and Z to make its move.


  13. What’s the source of this data?

    • The source sites for the data are located at the bottom of the blog post.

      • So where did you get the Facebook number from then? They state on their press page the number of monthly active users (as of July this year), not registered users (which is probably higher than Skype’s total).

  14. Sorry I cannot see how Skype qualifies as a “social media site”. It’s not a site, it’s an IM / VOIP tool. If you call Skype a “social media site” then just about any IM tool, IRC, anything like that, would count. This is madness.\

    • But if we do include Skype, then Windows Live Messenger should certainly be included too since comScore mentioned it had over 300 million users as of July 2010. But I agree, communication products such as e-mail, IM and VOIP should not be considered social media since they are designed to be one-to-one or one-to-few forms of communication.

      • This actually makes me really annoyed, since other sites are now picking up these numbers. Skype is just not a community which can be compared with Facebook, MySpace and the rest.

      • We are looking to add clarification next to each listing so there is more context – thanks for the input, it’s very helpful as we adjust to make this better.

        We want this to be helpful for all rather than cause heartburn. Have a great Thanksgiving and thanks for reading!

        Best, @equalman

      • Maybe you should respond to all the comments, then?

        Personally I think the whole thing is flawed. Registered user accounts do not really prove/show anything. My social media service might have 1 billion accounts, but if nobody is actively using them its completely irrelevant. This is why Facebook and others use the ‘monthly active users’ and ‘daily active users’ metrics, because they actually count for something.

        Whatever you do, don’t compare MAUs of one service to registered accounts with another – or else you’re completely distorting the truth.

  15. You are missing tumblr!!
    Quantcast says daily traffic is way higher than foursquare. Tumblr is the fastest growing Social Network amongst 16 to 24 year olds… Leave it off the list for now in 6 months this will be missing a very large network.

  16. Surely Naver handles 70+% of searches specifically in South Korea, not on the web in general!

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