6 responses to “GM Hires Social Media Agency

  1. They are going to have 110 people working on the GM social media stuff? Isn’t that insane? Great news for detroit area, but that seems like an awfully huge team for SM.

    • Brian:

      I hope all is well! My guess is they have a pool of resources of 11o people that they can “tap” into. I many need to clarify this.

      Be glad you are in Florida – the only state not to get snow today (Yes, Hawaii was even hit).

      Cheers, equalman

  2. Anything to help out Detroit, even in little ways, is always great to hear. Hopefully this will mark a better year for those folks down there.

  3. Good move by GM. It will be interesting to see if other auto makers revamp their social media strategies in 2011

    • Agreed Jeremy! I know that my friend Scott Monty has been doing amazing things at Ford in Social Media globally and is one reason why the stock has soared from $3 to $17.

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