Real Estate Social Media Infographic

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social media real estate infographic

Via: Fixr [thanks Flixr for the infographic]

Socialnomics the Book


6 responses to “Real Estate Social Media Infographic

  1. Interesting data! I wonder though if the only marker for the twitter list was their follower numbers? Or is there something else that helped in getting that conclusion?

  2. Really usefull presentation of data. Anyone know if this is available for other industry sectors?

  3. Erik,

    Thanks for your comment! I did a little research, and found nothing in terms of their basis or method of selection. Nonetheless, this is great information!

    I hope you are doing really well, and I look forward to having you on our blogtalkradio show again sometime during the spring (if it fits your schedule, of course!).

    Your number 1 fan,

  4. Mike:

    I’m glad you posted here as when I first saw this infographic I was shocked you weren’t listed on it as prominent as possible since you are the most influential real estate person in social media that I know. Just look at your massive following on Twitter.

    Interesting as when you click on the sources on the graphic it doesn’t give a detailed listing of the sources. We’ll see if we can get a hold of Flixr and find out. Or if you find out before us please let us know!! That way, the next one they do should have you listed.

    Cheers, equalman

  5. GREAT information!

    Just curious as to the source of some of the rankings…

    Thanks for sharing this!

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