Super Bowl Ads | Top 11 Super Bowl Ads 2011

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#1 Justin Bieber & Ozzy Super Bowl Ad

#2 Darth Vader Kid Super Bowl Ad VW

#3 Doritos “Best Part” Super Bowl Commercial 2011

#4 Eminem Super Bowl Ad

#5 Chevy Cruz “Misunderstanding”

#6 Motorola Xoom Super Bowl Ad

#7 Doritos “House Sitting” Super Bowl 2011

#8 Old Spice Guy “Sweet Scent”

#9 Volkswagen Beetle Super Bowl Spot

#10 Doritos Sauna

#11 Audi Super Bowl Ad “Release Hounds”

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9 responses to “Super Bowl Ads | Top 11 Super Bowl Ads 2011

  1. Good list! I love the VW spot with Darth Vader (doesn’t everyone) but played it today for an undergraduate class of about 35 students and afterwards, no one could tell me the name of the advertiser. #Fail on branding.


  2. I really like the VW ads, especially Darth Vader. I don’t know what to make of your Sauna ad choice!…that one did not want to make me eat Doritos. Though it certainly ‘grabbed’ my attention. Oh!

    One of my favorites from a marketing point of view, not on this list, was the Audio vs. Mercedes commercial. They just made me think of Audi-is-better every time I see a Mercedes now. They depositioned them well.

  3. Yes on 1-4. Best Buy was not only funny, but so true to life. If you need help with new technology, hire the teenager. One missing from your list is Bud Light’s Hack Job. Even by the end of the night, this ad had some of the biggest laughs from our party of 30+. Classic beer ad…short, sweet, hilarious!

    I agree that the VW ad was one of the best in the entertaining department, but by the next morning all I remembered was “the car ad with the Darth Vader kid”. They didn’t do a good enough job focusing on the brand.

    Another solid ad lost in the shuffle was the NFL self-promotion spot. Great use of all the old TV shows. The NFL leads the way in today’s pro sports and this ad helps show why.

  4. VW wins, because people are remembering the ads were actually VW ads.

    As to, “Doritos has portrayed their chip as being ‘life-giving’ and therefore healthy, instead of being the unhealthy food that it is,” that is silly marketing talk, the kind of talk that gives us the ridicule we so often earn. I am pretty sure the writers were trying to do nothing of the sort. They were going for a laugh, period.

    The Chevy Cruze ad: who were they targeting? It’s way off.

    The Ozzy/Beiber ad: the message is lost in a rapid delivery of what they were trying to advertise (upgrade program) at the end. People will just remember the personalities.

    Loved the Chrysler Eminem ad as art, but it reinforces the whole idea that Detroit auto leadership is a thing of the past, and the Chrysler brand in the ad only reinforces that perception more.

    Best advertisers: 1. VW (Vader); 2. Doritos (the whole series); 3. Pepsi Max (I wanna sleep with her); 4. Teleflora (nice rack); 5) Audi (hounds).

    All of this, of course, is actually poppycock; what should be done is to measure results (read: sales and market share) at the end of Q1 to see what really happened. Of course, Super Bowl ads stopped being about sales and market share a long time ago. I doubt anyone is seriously motivated to choose a brand based on any of the ads. As my personal trainer said in the gym yesterday: “The mini-Vader ad was the best, but I’m still never gonna buy a Volkswagen.”

  5. You dont have the brilliant Bridgestone beaver on the list.

  6. I love how VW is trying to reorient it’s brand image as ‘fun’ and ‘youthful’ again. Great job from their creative team/production studio.

  7. Mine wasn’t that far but my #1 pick was the Chrysler ad because of its epic ambiance and mostly because of the message delivered. It rings in my hears because of this “It is as much about where its from than for who it has been made for” line.

    Straight to the heart…

  8. John:

    Brilliant observation:

    “Doritos has portrayed their chip as being “life-giving” and therefore healthy, instead of being the unhealthy food that it is.”

    Very similar to Snickers position as “energy.”

    Thanks for reading and contributing!

    Cheers! equalman

  9. #7-Doritos; House Sitting
    In a comical and brilliant scene, Doritos has portrayed their chip as being “life-giving” and therefore healthy, instead of being the unhealthy food that it is. Kudos to Doritos. Great commercial.

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