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Please send speaker requests to Ana Maria at socialnomics@gmail.com.

“Qualman is to social media what Demming is to quality and Drucker to management.” – Scott Galloway, NYU Stern School of Business

Called the Digital Dale Carnegie, Erik Qualman is an International Best Selling Author [Socialnomics] & Speaker on Digital Trends and Leadership.

Erik Qualman

Qualman Delivers Keynote at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Recent Engagements:

2/18: Bridging the Gap – Boston, MA

2/10: UGG Australia – Santa Barbara, CA

1/17: Entrepreneurial Excellence – Pittsburgh, PA

1/15: M&M Mars – McLean, VA

12/02: Starbuck’s Keynote – Vancouver, B.C.

11/22: Suffolk University – Boston, MA

11/20: EF Foundation – Miami, FL

11/17: Zappos – Las Vegas, NV

11/15: PureLife Keynote – Marrakech, Morocco

11/3: Northeastern University – Boston, MA

10/28: Harvard Business Students – Cambridge, MA

10/25: Montblanc – Hamburg, Germany

10/21: Global LL – Fort Lauderdale, FL

10/19: FIC – Porto Alegre, Brazil

10/11: Innovation Norway – Cambridge, MA

10/07: DigitalAge Conference – Istanbul, Turkey

9/27: Florida Tourism Board – Orlando, FL

9/30: Cartier – Paris, France

9/24: Broadlink Conference – East Lansing, MI

9/23: Lift Summit – Atlanta, GA

9/14: Presbyterian College – Clinton, SC

9/12: John Lennon Birthday – New York, NY

9/1: Richemont Headquarters – Geneva, Switzerland

8/30: Montblanc Executive Conference – Monte Carlo, Monacco

7/29: Int’l Business Forum – Sydney, Australia

7/27: Consumer Data Services – Cape Cod, MA

7/21: MFA – Boston, MA

7/15: PSCU Financial Services – St. Petersburg, FL

6/24: Racepoint w/Mike Volpe & Larry Webber – Waltham, MA

6/16: Travelzoo Awards Gala – London, England

"Qualman at TedX"

6/15: Hult School of Business Keynote – London, England

6/07: Folio Magazine & Newspaper Conference Keynote – New York, NY

Qualman, Ze Frank, Brogan

Erik Qualman, Ze Frank, Chris Brogan

6/06: Richemont Luxury World Cup Kickoff Keynote – Matsulu, South Africa

6/01: Meshed Conference – Vienna, Austria

5/31: EF SM Keynote – Zurich, SwitzerlandSocialnomics #1 Best Seller in Korea

5/21: TEDx – Lansing, Michigan

5/17: Breakhrough Radio – New Jersey

5/14: Hubspot TV – Cambridge, MA

5/10: Social Reunion Networking Event – Bogota, Colombia

4/27: Proctor & Gamble Alumni – Boston, MA

4/19: Get Hired Not Fired Lecture – Michigan State University

4/19: New Age of Communication – Michigan State University

4/19: Michigan State University Keynote – East Lansing, MI

4/13: Social Media Meet-Up Luncheon Speaker – New York, NYC

4/08: WSWA Keynote, other Keynote Sarah Palin – Las Vegas, NV

4/06: #RTB on the Radio Interview

4/01: Coach, Inc. Keynote – Manhattan, NY

3/18: Brigham Young University Radio Interview

3/17: Hult MBA Class – Cambridge, MA

Erik Qualman’s keynote presentation on social media and “socialnomics” was a home run with the executives at the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers Annual Convention.  Erik’s vast knowledge of the topic, coupled with his easy and engaging presentation style far exceeded my expectations and those of the convention attendees.   Months later I am still getting requests for copies of his presentation and inquiries about his book.   I have been planning meetings and conventions over 20 years and Erik is by far one of my favorite speakers to date. – Cindy Nachman-Senders, Senior Consultant Meetings & Conventions, Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America

3/15: Bazaarvoice Client Event – Austin, TX

3/14: SM Round Table with David Meerman Scott, Brian Solis, Paul Gillin

3/13: SXSW: It’s a People Driven Economy, Stupid! – Austin, TX

Qualman Speaks at Social Media Club Dallas

3/10: ISMA Webinar with Mari Smith

3/08: iNgage Marketing Social Media Webinar with Mari Smith

3/04: MITX Panel with Larry Weber & Dan Zarella – Cambridge, MA

3/02:  Social Media Under 25 Summit – Paris, France

2/27:  Wiley Faculty Network Keynote – Santa Monica, CA

2/25:  FTTH Keynote – Lisbon with Prime Minister of Portugal

2/11:  Awareness Social Media Marketing Keynote – Webinar

1/29:  NYU Stern Luxury Lab Innovative Forum Keynote – New York, NY

1/27:  Nokia Global Sales Meeting Keynote – Salzburg, Austria

1/18:  Comfort Solutions Executive Summit – Chicago, IL

erik qualman digital leadership

Qualman speaks after the Prime Minister of Portugal

1/16:  American Library Association (ALA) Keynote – Boston, MA

1/09:  AmericasMart Keynote – Atlanta, GA


12/15:  MITX,  The Future of Advertising – Cambridge, MA

12/11:  Seminar Wiley Publishing- Hoboken, NJ

12/8:  Social Media Club Keynote with Shel Israel – Chicago, IL

12/8:  Search Engine Strategies – Chicago, IL

12/1:  Virtual lecture to 400+ College Professors

11/11:  Harvard Bookstore Lecture and Signing – Cambridge, MA

11/5:  ISPA Summit Keynote – Bonita Springs, FL

11/3:  Teleconference Seminar to IBM Global Marketing Staff

10/29:  NJ School Board Association – Atlantic City, NJ

10/26:  Borders Bookstore Discussion and Signing – Downtown Boston, MA

10/22:  Texas Progressive Group – Scottsdale, AZ (120 Fortune 500 CEOs)

10/14:  Facebook Client Event – Dallas, TX

10/13:  SAP Retail Forum Executive Panel – Las Vegas, NV

10/1:  Barnes & Noble Prudential Center Signing– Boston, MA

9/30:  Suffolk University Lecture –  Boston, MA

9/28:  National Virtual Lecture Series to Colleges & Universities

9/26:  Socialnomics Book Launch – Rochester, MI

9/22:  MS&L Executive Summit Keynote – New York City, NY

“Erik brought us up-to-the-minute knowledge of trends in social media in an entertaining and inspirational way.  He also helped us see the relevance of those trends to our current and future business.” – David Duplantis, SVP/Global Web & Digital Media | Coach, Inc.

9/21:  Google Author Series – Cambridge, MA

9/15-16:  B2B Lift Summit Seminar – Atlanta, GA

9/10:  Socialnomics & Trust Agents Launch Party – Boston, MA

9/6:  Books & Books Lecture and Signing –  Miami, FL

9/5:  YadaYada Marketing, Podcast

8/21: Mashable TweetUp – Boston, MA

5/29: Book Expo America Presenter – New York City, NY

“Erik Qualman made such a positive difference at Nokia’s Global Sales and Marketing Meeting 2010 with the theme “the changing consumer journey”. Invited to speak about the ever changing Social Media environment, Erik brought a holistic view on the topic, he gave numerous examples of how social media is affecting people and importantly, how companies must react to address the opportunities the change represents. His personal style and the content of his presentation opened up for great discussion and the subsequent panel session where Erik was joined by members of Nokia’s Executive Management, was very open and action-orientated. I am convinced Erik can contribute to driving change towards embracing and utilizing social media with any size of company in literally any business. He certainly contributed to the awareness and importance of the plans of transition Nokia has undertaken.” – Bjorn Ulfberg, VP of Marketing | Nokia

“Erik gives a highly engaging and easy to understand keynote/seminar- if you need to know Digital/Social Media in business, then you need to know Erik Qualman.” – William Hawkes, PhD – CMO | AmericasMart

“Erik Qualman was a perfect keynote speaker. He combined his experience of social networks with our main topic of broadband and fibre to the home in a professional way. His lively presentation fascinated the audience and the messages were a great start for our FTTH conference with the Prime Minister of Portugal!” – Hartwig Tauber, Director General | FTTH Council Europe

“Qualman is to social media what Demming is to quality and Drucker to management.” – Scott Galloway, Professor of Marketing NYU Stern School of Business & Chairman, L2 Think Tank



33 responses to “Speaker

  1. hi there
    I am doing a thesis on social networking and its impact on education and was wondering if this book is available in PDF for instant download? I would love to have a copy as I believe, from all the reviews etc that I have seen that the information your book contains might serve to support and substantiate some of the claims and ideas I am trying to make

  2. Great site – great book – great speaker 🙂

  3. UPCOMING talks would be fab too!

    Its almost sad to have to just read all of the ones I’ve missed out on! 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I too would be interested in talking to you about a speaking engagement. Do drop me a line when you get the chance.


  5. Hello Erik –

    I’m loving the direction you’ve gone and a large supporter of social media. Where are you speaking next? I would love to hear your thoughts on different topics and the current pulse as you see it unfolding.

    My question:

    MySpace had a HUGE pull for awhile and had an intense audience. Now with Facebook shifting gears they have taken a sizable lead over MySpace.
    Do you see Facebook being moved to the side by any competing social media sites or do you see MySpace shifting gears and re-marketing themselves back into competition?

    Thanks for your response and keep up the great work,

    Dan Morell

  6. Any plans to talk in Michigan???

    • David:

      I need to get back to my home state soon. I spoke a few months back in Rochester Hills, but need to get back.


  7. Hi Erik, love the videos and will definitely be buying the book. I’m a web manager for a college in Alberta, Canada. I was wondering if you have any speaking engagements planned for Canada? Also, how would we go about hiring you to speak?

  8. Erik,

    You should consider coming to South Africa as well. There is such a lack of knowledge with regard to implementing social media into current marketing strategies. Great site!


    PS: I am doing my thesis on New Media and your site has been a light in the dark! THANKS!

    • JK:

      I’m glad you find the site helpful! I am scheduled to do a video skype broadcast in SA. Once I know the date I will let you know. I visited there once about 7 years ago and loved it (went Great White Shark diving too). Thanks for the kind words.

  9. My Global Studies teacher asked me to quickly check to see if there was a cost for you to come and speak about Socialnomics and the Social Media Revolution.

    Location: New York State

    • Bobby:

      Thanks for your comments and for reaching out to me! Shoot me an e-mail to my gmail account (handle is equalman) and we will take it from there! Thanks for the interest in Socialnomics!

  10. Hi Erik,
    don’t forget to visit sometimes also the old continent 😉
    When and where do you think to visit us?

    Maybe Italy, Rome :)?

    • I would love to! I haven’t had great food and culture in a long time…so it would be nice to get over that way. I’ll let you know.

  11. Hi Erik,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on your excellent presentation today at Book Biz’s Digital Forum. Especially liked your examination of how to use social networking sites to determine marketing strategies for publishers.

    • Nicola:

      I’m glad you found this publisher session helpful – I know I had a ton of fun doing it so it’s great to hear it helped!

  12. want to but the book but does it have a digital version ? (regular PDF and not for kindle)

  13. Loved the book! I am recommending it to my friends and can’t wait until your next one. It was insightful and very well written.

  14. Clinton Calwell

    Loved the video, extremely inspiring. Will be ordering the book tomorrow.

    Any plans for a speaking engagement in the Vancouver BC or Seattle area?

  15. I see you’re having a book launch September 10, in Boston… But, no location yet. Are you signing and/or speaking about the book in Boston somewhere? If so, I’d love to know. I’ve just ordered the book and am looking forward to reading all of it…

    • The Book Launch Party is at BiNA Restaurant (581 Washington Street) in downtown Boston from 6-9 pm on 9/10. The really exciting thing is that it’s a dual book launch party with Chris Brogan author of Trust Agents.

      I will also be speaking at Harvard Bookstore (COOP) on Tuesday, Ocotber 13th.

  16. Need to do a West Coast / San Francisco Bay Area apperance.

    • Gary – thanks for buying the book and your support. If you have any engagements in mind on the West Coast I love getting out there. I hope the video works well during your presentation!

  17. I’d like to talk to you about a possible engagement in Tucson, Arizona – what’s your fee structure?

  18. Yeah the video is cool. It would be cool if you had a post soon with the sources and stuff for the facts. Or did I miss it?

    Anyway, it gets me fired up when I see that video. Added you to my reader. keep up the good work.

  19. No West Coast yet eh? You should make a trip out here, I think you’d pack the house. I love the video by the way, the revolution one. Its awesome. Inspiring.

    • Oscar – glad you liked the video! I hope to get to the Valley soon as it’s never good to be away from there too long.

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