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Groupon Super Bowl Ad Backfires

[tweetmeme source=”equalman” only_single=false http://socialnomics.net%5D By Erik Qualman

Interesting that a social media company [Groupon] didn’t understand the social media backlash it could receive by running a culturally insensitive advertisement during the Super Bowl.

What social media allows for is  “word of mouth on digital steroids.”  If a company does something bad, things can snowball in a hurry.  Below are just a few of the reactions to the Groupon Super Bowl Ad on Twitter.  @JeremyRSchultz posted “Did Groupon achieve the dubious distinction for spending ad dollars to actually lose customers?”

Groupon Super Bowl Ad

@rohitbhargaya posted “Groupon seems to have achieved the unique feat of paying $3M to lose customers who previously loved them.”

If you didn’t see the advertisement (above) it essentially conveys the following: Ad begins in a serious tone describing the hardships facing the people of Tibet, but then it quickly turns light with a guy in a restaurant stating it’s okay because he got a great Groupon for Himalaya Restaurant in Chicago so it’s good, cheap food for us living in the Western World.   Growing up in the Midwest (Detroit) and living in Chicago this is even more offensive to me as I know how kind  the people are in the Midwest are.

I believe @Reputationista may have put it best with: “Well. Off to buy a new #Chryser, drinka #Coke, switch to #Verizon, unsubsrive to #Groupon and fire #GoDaddy.”  To see the top ads from the Super Bowl click here.

Since Google was rumored to have offered $6 billion to purchase Groupon an appropriate question would be “What Would Google Do?” This is the name of Jeff Jarvis’ book and my answer would be a good start would be to donate some money toward the cause in Tibet.

As a fan of Groupon I hope they realize their mistake and take the necessary actions to correct it. What do you think?


King of Pop Mightier than the Internet?

On September 11, 2001 the Internet could not handle the millions that

Jackson's death took down the Internet

Jackson's death took down the Internet

descended on the Web in search of information. Eight years later the Internet was brought to it’s knees by the passing of Michael Jackson. Even, normally infallible Google, was miffed.  Google posted error messages instead of search results as they mistakenly thought they were under attack by nefarious individuals in their News section due to the large influx of traffic.

There was a battle royal on Wikipedia between the public and the Wikipedia editors. The public wanted to post Michael Jackson’s death and the cause of death, but the editors didn’t feel there was appropriate and reliable sources to back it up. TMZ was the first to break the story, but as a sign of the times people descended upon Wikipedia to determine if what they were hearing was really true. Wikipedia isn’t designed for breaking news, yet people have come to view it as one of, if not, the most credible source since it will weigh the opinion of thousands rather than just a writer and his or her editor.

Are we going to be able to fix the Internet so that it can handle major events like this in future? Only time will tell.