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A Social Media Valentine’s Day

social media valentines day

Digital Leadership

Social Media Revolution 2

Erik Qualman TEDx Lansing

Social Media ROI

Social Media Revolution [Original]

Social Media Revolution 2010

Into the Twittersphere! by Current Super News

Socialnomics Promotional Video

Book Review by Stephanie Wonderlin

Social Media in Europe by

BookExpo America:  Chris Brogan & Erik Qualman

Social Media Canada Statistics

Sally Falkow Interviews Qualman – Chicago 2008

Search Engine Strategies New York 2009

Qualman interviewed by John Mulligan of SES-PR

BookExpo America

Qualman interviewed by Publisher’s Weekly

Social Media Fatigue

Lessing-Flynn Reel Social Video

Entertaining video (above) from Lessing-Flynn uses a fish analogy to illustrate how to use social media.

Sexting Commercial

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83 responses to “Video

  1. Erik – The new video is great. I refer to it frequently during my social media presentation. Thanks!

  2. Wow you guys got it going on

  3. I use Social Media Revolution 2 for some small management training sessions, and wonder if a higher resolution version (better than 720 p) is available for download. Occasionally we must use a larger screen and some pixelation is apparent. Thanks.

  4. Erik,
    I have been an early adapter of Social Media since the mid 2000’s and have been trying to educate my fellow Chefs and Restaurateurs on the power, benefit, and explosive growth of the various websites.

    I bought numerous copies of your books for clients, friends, and colleagues.
    Thanks for the information. Can’t wait to learn more.

  5. EQ- I sent you an email regarding a small request for a meeting I had with clients a few weeks back. We purchased over a dozen of your books and distributed them to very wealthy and influential buisness men. I think you missed a great opportunity to get some additional exposure in South Florida. Your message was a big part of our meeting. Too bad I saw no response from you on my email.

    • Thanks for reaching out to me! Sorry I missed the opportunity and thanks for distributing the books! I just had my first baby (a girl) so I’ve been trying to play catch-up.

      Thanks again and if I can help in the future please let me know!

      – equalman

  6. What gets me is how far thinking you were even in 2008. Spot on.

  7. Hi Erik
    you’ve summed up the entier social media revolution so brilliantly… incredible…..
    so WOW…..!!

  8. This is an incredible time of our lives. I want to learn and share as much as possible with your program. Here is one of my sites that I would like to intergrate with yours Just let me know the next step. Thanks

  9. I am currently using a site that has been very useful for me. I would like to know what do you have as far as an affiliate program. I would like to learn more and see how I can work you into our programs. Please let me know. (949) 235-1480. Thank you Steve Solis

  10. All of this blows my mind which is why I’m trying to educate myself to be a part of it!

  11. Erik,
    Thank you so much for the newest video. Not only is it very informative but also inspiring. I am working on a project for school right now and I was wondering what video software you used to put together the video? I love the animations that you are able to do. It is such a unique way to captivate an audience and powerfully drive home a point. It has a WOW factor.

  12. The new “Refreshed” version ROCKS!

  13. Great videos and great stats! But where are your sources? Your word is as good as your source. For all we know, 18% or your kids’ 3rd grade class bought something they saw on TV.

  14. Erik,

    I am very impressed with your Social Media ROI and the Socialnomics Promotional Video. I would like to be able to use it in a couple of presentations to Women’s Council of REALTORS groups/chapters on how social media is affecting the their chapters and their membership — the video definitely brings explains the point that this is not a fad! May I have your permission to use the video?

    Is there a way to get a copy to embed in a Power Point presentation? There will be no Internet access in the conference room where I’m presenting. (with attribution.)

    Thank you,

    Heather Ozur

  15. Rachel Griffiths


    Just saw your ROI Socialnomics video and *loved* it! Would it be O.K. if I were to include it in executive marketing briefings I present?


  16. Hi Erik;
    I appreciate all the effort into this Social Media Revolution Video. I would love the opportunity to show this to some Social Networking groups that I am talking at. Is there a possibility to get a copy that I can put into a power point as well. Very Good!!!!!!!

  17. Great videos, many thanks!

  18. Hey,

    I am trying to download some of your videos into iWeb but I dont know how. Can you help me put your videos on my Website, please?

  19. Interesting analogy. Jill showed how the new advertising can work. If business owners embrace this, newspapers and radio will take a big hit.

  20. Hi Erik,
    I love this video! Is there a way to get a copy to embed in a Power Point presentation? There’s no Internet access in the conference room where I’m presenting. Go figure 😉

    • Laurie:

      Thanks! Shoot me an e-mail at about your video request and we’ll make ti happen!

    • Hello Erik. We were really impressed with your video also, and would love to be able to use it in a couple of presentations to employer groups on how social media is affecting the workplace — the video definitely brings home the point that this is not a fad! May we have your permission to use the short version of your video? (Of course with attribution.) Thanks!

  21. Eastern Washington Public Administration Grad Student

    Hi – what a powerful video! I am doing a presentation on social media and higher education and would really like to include the shorter video (unedited and source cited). May I have your permission please?

  22. Hi Erik,

    I am giving a presentation on instructional design and influences in behaviour. I would like permission to use your video on the social media revolution as a lead in my presentation. It is to a group of six instructors/trainers who will be having to make the transition from traditional classroom instruction to an Intranet platform.



  23. For the person who asked if the video was available to use for his presentations, there is an answer. As long as the author (owner) of the video is ok with it, you can use a program called Comtasia Studio 6 which will actually record it (both audio and video) and can be played back at any time (or imbedded in various presentations, etc. You can’t tell the difference from the original video. Go to

  24. We’d love to find out if we can have permission to use your video in a presentation we’re doing on Social Media. Very informative videos!

  25. Very interesting. The facts video got passed around my office. We’re a small university that does a lot of online courses so its something of interest. I’m the multimedia technician for the office and my question is more technical. What software(s) were used to make this video? I like the style and want to get more info.

  26. Awesome social media revolution video, no bs strait to the facts!

  27. Hi Erik,

    I found your website and videos very interesting.
    I’m doing Msc in Marketing in London and thinking of my dissertation subject but I’m not sure yet and I thought social media would be a great subject to explore. Do you think I will get enough information? Any suggestions or idea will be appreciated. Thanks

    • Monica:

      I know of many others doing similar dissertations and research papers. There should be plenty of information out there. I’m glad you like the videos, Website and my book!

      Best, Erik

  28. Hi Erik,
    I recently came upon your website today, and was blown away by the videos and the blogs you post. I am a student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and work for the University as a Social Media Coordinator. Were trying to push this position a little more to have it utilized more in our marketing dept. Any suggestions?
    Thanks and keep up the great work!…

    p.s. I think that you would be happy to know that there is a pilot program starting here in Oshkosh for a BS in Social Media through the business division.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Wow, your position sounds exciting! I wish I was young enough to go back to undergrad – I’d love to major in Social Media Marketing – very cool!

      • I was wondering what is your opinion on vloging? Ive been trying to find more information about it, but usually do not register much information on the subject. I think that it is a creative step up from bloging, but like I said, theres not much education on the subject.

  29. Hi Erik,
    Very interesting! I hadn’t looked at marketing with the obvious social strength you display in the videos being so solid behind it!
    Thank you,
    Cheers, Freda

  30. The Socialnomics video should be shown to all generation Y kids that have nothing to do. It’s inspiring.

    • Margaret:

      Funny enough from the data I have of the 2 million that have viewed the videos the majority are 35-54.

      Thanks for the comment!

      Best, Erik

  31. Another stat to look at is regarding Facebook’s growth:

    Suggests 100 million users in 26 months, not 9 months, and that’s assuming you don’t count the early days of getting going 2003 to July 2006.

  32. Hi Mr Qualman,

    I have recently watched your video “Social Media Revolution” and at the end it states that sources for the information can be found here on this site, could you perhaps direct me to those sources?



  33. You have hit the spot with your statements and the video and music make all that more powerful.
    I am a believer and I am putting social media to use in Real Estate and it will work. Thanks for the information. Can’t wait to learn more.

    • Diane:

      Glad that you are able to leverage the videos and content of the blog to help with your Real Estate endeavors! I’m excited for you!

  34. Would love to find out about permissions for embedding (the short version of) the video in a presentation.

  35. I am a Jill. Don’t forget to give Jill a raise when you are sitting in your chair reflecting on how much you rock.

  36. Very nice to see and watch the latest videos on social ,economic subjects.
    Many people are addicted to these social websites.
    In some houses,mothers had insisted that,all family members should sit in dinning table,switched off their mobiles,face book and twitter websites for family sake.
    This is a latest trend among many web surfers ,and by students,working females.

  37. Absolutely fabulous video. I was totally captivated.

  38. Loved the last video with fish analog.

    Although you don’t need to eat your fishes you need to take care of them so they could buy your service again and recommend it to other fish.

    • Agreed that the video was fun and well put together, but I surely don’t recommend you eat your customers! Great and funny point, thanks for adding to the conversation.

  39. I really like the analogy, but the bit I’m having trouble with is that “Jill” is “listening” to the fish with ulterior motives. She is not serving the fish, but the office people, and through her actions, the fish end up dead.

    To apply this to the real world it implies (at least in my mind) the company is actually exploiting their customer, something we’re trying to avoid now..

    • Jordan:

      That’s the one part I didn’t like either…that we kill the people we developed trust with. Maybe they will adjust the ending, or they should make it a catch-and-release scenario.

      Best, equalman

  40. I think that, i have written a lot about this subject.
    Whatever, you say about existing, leading social websites .
    Surely,people will have more interests on face book,twitter websites.
    For example, i have received CEO!s e-mail with videos on their new applications.
    This is a real happening.

  41. Hi Erik,

    I think the video is extraordinary effective!

    As a babyboomer who has embraced social media quite a bit, I have forwarded and posted your video everywhere and to everyone. I would guess many, if not all of the naysayers are probably boomers who just don’t quite get it. It is the impact, not the specifics, that matters.

    For example, this morning on NPR’s, “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” the contestant had to choose the story that was true, from 3 examples. The true story is unbelievable: 2 Australian girls, 10 and 12 years old, were exploring sewer drains (I think) when they got stuck. So they used their cell phone to update their facebook status to get help. They were stuck for 7 hours until a friend saw the post. They NEVER made a phone call.

    Not saying that they did a good thing…just that the perspective of generations Y, Z, etc. is so incredibly different than what we know and believe. So everyone needs to wake up and get with the revolution. Whether you are ready or not or believe in it or not, it is coming!

    Interesting conversation…a few years ago, I wouldn’t even know how to begin to find the creator of the video let alone contact him. (Honestly, I never would have seen the video!)

    Heidi Massey in Chicago

  42. For the “Did You Know” video, a lot of bad data and exaggerations. For example, video claims one in eight married couples met through social media last year. If you trace the source, it comes from someones conference notes. If you trace further, it comes from an 06 McKinsey study that references “online” not social media. Also, sorry, iPhone apps are not social media, neither is Kindle, and neither is the demise of traditional publishing. I agree with the spirit of the video, just find the exaggerated claims reduce the authencity of your claims.

  43. thanks for sharing the video … it’s really fantastic and a wake up call to pay attention. Can’t wait to see the next one!

  44. Is it really true that 35% of all books sold by Amazon are in ebook format? I cannot find recent data, but as of one year ago they were predicting three million annual sales.

    Thanks — great video

    • dhcoop:

      Thanks for the interest in Socialnoimics and if you read the book please let me know your thoughts. This stat is from Jeff Bezos and what it refers to is that if a book is on sale in both hardcover and kindle that 35% of the sales will come from the Kindle. However it’s not suggestion that 35% of all Amazon sales come from the Kindle. Reason being that many books aren’t on the Kindle. I hope this helps!

  45. Not to be a cranky naysayer, but I did notice this piece on Facebook in the NYT from the other day:

    While there are certainly many who underestimate the significance and potential of social media, there are those who overestimate it as well. And that’s not even addressing the question of whether this sort of phenomenon is a good thing or not.

  46. Dear friends,
    After writing my comments on this subject,this website had given opportunities for us to give our views.
    Thanks for more responses to this subject.
    One thing is clear now,at present,due to more communication tool are available,we will continue to surf these social websites for getting more insights,for small advertisements ,more friendship,expanding our contacts to the world favorables and so on.
    We will use it for good purposes.
    Man can not live on always by reality.
    Imaginations,projections,social gatherings,sharing of our thoughts to others are necessary for day today living.
    Otherwise,life will become one handed.

  47. Mack, I don’t think it matters if Twitter and Facebook survive. The trend to engage in social networking is unstoppable.

  48. I would disagree with portions of Mack’s comments. I teach real estate salesperson qualifying courses and regularly show this 4 minute video to them. Various social media internet vehicles are definitely changing the way we communicate with each other and as a result I use less and less print advertising to find buyers and/or sell listings. As a baby boomer, I need to become more sophisticated with more of these social media outlets. This video gets all of us to more seriously think about this new communication revolution.

  49. Cool music, but exaggerated statements and projections. “Social media” is far from a unified or monolithic system, and it is impossible to assess its future value. Various outlets (Twitter, others) may indeed be fads and may not be around in 3 years.

    I realize that data can be marshaled to contradict this, but something as incredibly pointless as Facebook and the like cannot possibly stand the test of time. And, most importantly, to tie the current popularity of these media with commercial prospects is a huge leap. Overstatement like what is presented in the video really undercuts the argument that is being made.

  50. I like the idea: from globalization, mechanisation and mass markets back to humanisation, transparency and trust. It will give power back to the local economies.

  51. Dear writers,
    Thanks for showing many you tube videos on social websites.
    Very useful and more informative.
    Yes.World has changed a lot on Communication fields.
    After industrial revolution,now,new,interesting,more utilitarian values from social websites.
    Thanks to this website for bringing latest technological breakthrough to us.

  52. Can I get a download of the video for imbedding in a presentation I am doing next month to a group of bankers? If so, how? Is there a Powerpoint version?

  53. Hey Erik –

    Nice presentation! Would you happen to have it in powerpoint format?

  54. Fantastic Video and Music, i love the idea. Do you need a French or Spanish translation of this Book ?

    • Glad you liked the video! I think we are going to need a Spanish and French translation – let me know and I can put you in touch with my publisher.

  55. Erik,

    In the past week, I have seen more foot traffic on your youtube socialnomics video than anything else: via Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

    Congrats on collecting and displaying such powerful data that people of this century are desperate for. It’s nice to know someone other than Google is able to tap into the socialnomics numbers and data to present it back in the publics hands instead of keeping it for their own personal growth.

    Great angle!

    Greg Schultz

    • Greg – thanks for the comment, yes the traffic has been insane and it has really been helping book sales (#2 on Amazon for Web Marketing books). Thanks for the support!

  56. Great video!

    And omg, Kathy, thanks for that — I was going NUTS thinking where I’d heard the music before on a similar video.

    Homage? 🙂

    Still a *great* video — I’m already helping you with the virality! And I’ll be checking out your book.

  57. Thank you for not only putting together some much needed video resources but also for taking the time to write your book, Socialnomics. It should be a must read for every small business owner.

    As I continue to train chiropractors on the power and purpose of social media, I’ll refer them to your book for additional study.

    Thanks again!

  58. Nice video you have done. I have embedded one of your videos into my blog. After finding out the link is from you, I am simply amazed by your evangelism about social media. Cheers!

  59. Hi, Erik:

    It would be helpful if you would post sources for the “revolution” clip, like Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod did with their “Shift Happens” series. Note, too, that the music from yours is the same as the 2007 remake of theirs (done by Sony):


  60. Erik,
    What an incredible four minutes of inspiration and highly informative material. Thank you for your innovative way to forcefully deliver an important message. I’m a baby boomer trying to keep up with Gen Y sophistication and abilities. One word sums up your presentation: WOW!

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